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For Parents 

Camp Tee Shirts

Camp Tee Shirts are an optional purchase, but most campers do purchase them. 

We must have advance notice to order these Tee Shirts, which is why we ask you to indicate whether you want to order one on the registration form itself. We also ask for the appropriate size on the registration form.

We order the shirts the day after the camp registration form deadline. They are made with silk-screen printing. After that point, it is too late to order them.  We want the kids to be able to wear them during their camp experience.

So please decide in advance if you want your camper to have a shirt.  We do our best to keep the cost minimal ($10).

Late Registrations or Uncertainty About Registering

We have a registration deadline for many reasons.  If your registration form is not turned in by the posted deadline, you very much risk your child being unable to attend camp.  Please use this approach:  If there is ANY chance that your child(ren) can come to camp, register.  It is free, and there is no penalty if you cancel.  


We would much rather have registered children choose not to attend camp than the sad responsibility of saying "no" to late registrants.  If in doubt, please REGISTER.  You or your camper can change their minds later. If there is doubt, you might want to avoid ordering a tee shirt.

Behaviorally  Challenged Children

Camp Emmanuel is a volunteer organization. Our leaders and campers are imperfect. However, we are not set up to accommodate children who refuse to obey the camp rules or demonstrate an uncooperative attitude.  We prefer not to send campers home -- it breaks our hearts when we have to do this.

So if your child has special challenges this way, Camp Emmanuel is probably not the camp for them.  

We limit ours ministry to reasonably well-behaved campers, not because we do not believe all children need the Lord, but because we are not adequately staffed to handle the behaviorally challenged.

Cell Phone Limitations

We know that, in our day and age, parents are accustomed to having their children only a phone call away.  In this regard, Camp restrictions may not only challenge campers, but parents.

Camp is a reversion, in some ways, to an earlier, simpler time.  Part of the purpose of camp is to get children away from technology. Our experience teaches us that kids develop friendships and enjoy unique experiences at camp precisely because they are away from technology.

In case of an emergency or truly urgent matter, you may contact your child through the camp pastors.  Calls do disturb the camp experience, so please take this into account.

CAMP PHONE: Call one of these cell phones in the event of an emergency.  Pastor Joe is the dean of the senior camp, and Dean Larry is the dean of the junior camp.

Pastor Joe 765.251.0045

Dean Larry 765.201.5999

Pastor Nord 574.297.4482

Pastor Ed 765.480.5546

Pastor Steve 574.952.6522

Pastor Rod 574.835.1290

Pastor Brian 574.242.1836

Camp Office 574.491.3075

If you want to visit your camper, why not volunteer to help with one of the cooking crews from a participating church near you?  Find the days different churches are cooking HERE and church contact information HERE.


Cameras are allowed. Since many youth today use their cell phones as a camera -- and since they will not have cell phones -- you might consider sending them with a digital camera or a disposable film camera.


Camp Emmanuel is a Bible Camp.  We will teach youth Bible content, ethics, and morals based upon the Bible, which we believe to be God's Word.  The doctrinal portion of our constitution is the perspective we will embrace while teaching these things. You can find our doctrinal viewpoints HERE.  The perspective of Moody Bible Institute or Grace Theological Seminary is pretty much the perspective of Camp Emmanuel.

Evening (Evening Chapel) Dress

We try to make our evening chapel special, so the kids "dress up" just a little for it.  We would ask you to make sure your sons bring at least one pair of dress (long) pants and one collared shirt for evening chapel, and that you make sure your daughters brings at least one pair of dress (long) pants (or a skirt or modest dress) and blouse.

Please read the registration form to find out our policy on medications, swim wear, etc.  The purpose of this page is to supplement information on the registration form, but it is important that you read the registration form carefully.

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