Dear Campers and Parents of Campers,


It is with  heavy hearts that we bring you news about Camp Emmanuel. It is painful for us to share this news with you, but we are forced to cancel camp for 2020. The matter has been taken out of our hands.


We Camp leaders have agonized about Camp because of the state's delay of its COVID-19 re-opening plan.  In Indiana, the governor delayed moving us to Stage 5 of getting “back on track,” which was supposed to begin July 4. Instead, they created stage 4.5, which sets up extremely stringent conditions for conducting camp, and we were not sure we could meet the criteria. We have been agonizing over determining the wise thing to do because of the virus and the potential effects on our group.


As we prayed for wisdom in making the correct decision, we received word from the Yellow Creek Camp director  that  a tree had fallen on the main auditorium and damaged several buildings that we must use.  Worse yet, it (and other wind damage) took out the electricity. After examination by a contractor, the director informed us it will not be repaired in time for our use – and probably not even by the end of our scheduled week of camp.  


Therefore, it is with sadness that we are cancelling Camp Emmanuel  for 2020.  We are so sorry! We know many campers list camp as their very favorite activity of the year. We have known some (now adult) campers who tell us that camp was the highlight of their entire youth. So neither we nor YCL take these matters lightly.


We wanted to have camp and are prepared to have camp, but we must trust in God’s Providence and accept this disappointing news – news magnified by the let-down and monotony of the quarantine. We know this news will bring emotional pain and tears – we certainly wish we had better news.


In sorrow and His love,

The Camp Emmanuel Pastors (camp council)


Find below the official statement:


We are cancelling Camp Emmanuel for 2020 due to the following reasons:


1. Due to wind damage at Yellow Creek we will NOT have access to the main auditorium for the Seniors AND we will not have access to at least 2 of the Boys dorms AND we will not have access to the “Youth Room.”  This is due to some physical damage BUT WORSE the damage “took-out” a major source of electricity.


2. The Governors retraction of “Stage 5” to “Stage 4.5” has raised concerns over our ability to have “social distancing” and adequate DAILY health assessments – as required.


3. Concerns about our reaction should a counselor or camper suddenly display symptoms of the virus.

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